Audit Readiness Review

Get a snapshot of your pharmacy’s audit readiness profile and immediately obtain actionable insight to improve compliance and prepare your store for audits

Strict adherence to proper procedures and compliance with laws, rules, regulations, and PBM requirements is key to staying on track and avoiding audits.  However, every now and then, a pharmacy wants to understand what its audit exposure is and how it can change its procedures to improve compliance.  This is where AuditReady by PharmPilot comes in.

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The AuditReady Process

  • Intake

    The pharmacy completes a questionnaire designed to accurately collect relevant information concerning the pharmacy and its operations

  • Data Pull

    PharmPilot pulls relevant data from the pharmacy's computer system as well as purchase records

  • Analytics

    PharmPilot processes the information provided by the pharmacy and combines it with its proprietary analysis of the pharmacy's data

  • Report

    PharmPilot produces a comprehensive AuditReady describing various aspects of the pharmacy's audit exposure and providing the pharmacy with actionable insight.

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