Proactive analysis of your pharmacy’s data to detect shortages and other problem areas well before they turn into audit findings


AI-assisted anomaly detection to identify red flags and benchmark your pharmacy’s performance against others

Buy/Sell & Valuation Support

Providing prospective buyers and sellers with a full picture prior to pharmacy transactions.  Assessing value through unparalleled insight into pharmacy’s data


Securely retrieving, converting and storing your pharmacy’s data to be used on demand for analytics and transactions

PharmPilot – Brilliantly Simple.  Truly Effective.

Audit defense and prevention begins with a firm grasp on your pharmacy’s data.  Once all information is collected and processed, we apply sophisticated data analytics tools to deliver an honest assessment of your store’s audit health and advise on ways to mitigate audit risks.  We make it possible by leveraging our knowledge and understanding of the PBM industry and audit procedures and our experience with all aspects of pharmacy practice.   But we don’t just stop there.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell a pharmacy or need to look deep into the pharmacy’s operations for purposes of valuation, we deliver relevant and honest assessment of the pharmacy’s data.

  • Industry Experience – We know the industry of retail pharmacy and PBM audit practices

  • The A+ Team of Industry Experts – Our team is comprised of recognized legal, administrative, and analytics specialists.

  • Driven by Industry Insight – Years of hands-on experience and industry insight allow us to deliver the results you expect

Audits happen to every pharmacy nationwide.  With 30 years of combined pharmacy legal and administrative experience and hundreds of clients and customers we have helped over the years, we are sure that we will be able to dramatically improve audit outcomes.

Our approach


PBM audits per year experienced by a typical retail pharmacy
Average post-audit amounts paid in chargebacks and penalties
0 out of 3
Pharmacies terminated by PBMs when invoice shortages detected

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“As a specialty pharmacy, we deal with high-priced medications and get a lot of PBM audits.  Pharmpilot provides us with truly relevant post-claim review.  Eugene and the team are able to provide not just standard reports, but also anything we need that involves purchases and dispensing, a lot more than our pharmacy system provides.  This is the first product out there that has been able to bring together purchase and dispense information in a meaningful way.”

Polina K., Specialty Pharmacy Owner, Bronx, NY

“One of the best features of Pharmapilot is the ability to get unused inventory reports.  It shows the items that are not moving, allowing me to return them and free up cash flow.  Pharmpilot is committed to saving pharmacies money, and this is a great tool and it helps, coupled with other services, and any report I can ask for, Pharmpilot is money well spent!!”

Edward S., Retail Pharmacy Owner, White Plains, NY

“Between our three stores, we receive 2-3 inventory audits a month.  It is very hard to make sure every location stays on top of order tracking.  Pharmpilot subscription has helped us to make sure all our employees order correct items and prepares me for upcoming audits.  With Pharmpilot, we are sure that all locations are compliant and are ready for audits.  The reports also highlight high-audit risk items, and we make sure that our pharmacists take extra precautions.”

Alex L., Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Owner, New York City

“We are a very busy retail pharmacy with a huge inventory, and we routinely fill 450-500 scripts per day.  Having Pharmpilot analyze that much information and give us suggestions has been a life saver.  The ability to track claims accurately by PBMs and focus on high-audit probability items is invaluable.  The emails me reports with potential issues, and we are quickly able to find problems and fix them. Pharmpilot really works, and the monthly fee is a small price to pay vs. PBM chargebacks or network terminations.”

Stephen B., Retail Pharmacy Manager, Newark, NJ

Trusted Partners and Data Sources

The ability to deliver a truly useful product depends on accessing and processing data from all sources.  We are able to ingest, convert and process data from any wholesaler and pharmacy system.  Our strategic partnerships allow our clients to leverage imported data and use PharmPilot reports easily and effectively.


We put you in control of your data, help to prepare for PBM audits and mitigate outcomes, and improve operational efficiency

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