Caring for Retail Pharmacies

Pharmpilot was founded by experienced pharmacy administrators, data analysts and attorneys with years of experience in fighting PBM audits and advising clients on audit avoidance measures and strategies.  Audits can devastate a pharmacy.  Our goal is to bring about a measurable reduction in the number of PBM audits and improve pharmacies’ audit outcomes. We are here to make sure you are ready and come out of the audit process with no damage.

  • 30 years of combined experience in pharmacy operation

  • 18 years of combined experience in audit mitigation and resolution

  • 12 years of pharmacy data processing and analytics

Our unique services are designed to help retail pharmacies to achieve operational efficiency, gain total control over data, prepare for inevitable audits, and improve the overall pharmacy performance and compliance

Responding to Challenges That No One Has Dared to Tackle Before

Many pharmacy operators understand the value of controlling, understanding, and reconciling data.  However, retail pharmacy owners often find themselves unable to gain complete control over electronic and paper records, and quickly realize that ingesting, integrating, processing and analyzing vast arrays of data is too complex and time-consuming.  Off-the-shelf solutions simply do not work at addressing these challenges.  PharmPilot changes all that.

  • Comprehensive – our goal is to make sure all data, no matter how complex, is captured and processed

  • Advanced Claims Analytics – We rapidly develop comprehensive analytics of your claims data and give you all relevant insight

  • Reverse Audit – Our approach to pharmacy audit mitigation and preparedness can be best described as “reverse audits”.  We know how PBMs do it, and prepare you for what’s to come.

At the core of our approach to complete pharmacy data health is the process of audit mitigation and preparedness conducted by carefully analyzing all collected data and applying advanced methodology to prepare you for every eventuality.  Try PharmPilot today to see how we can drastically improve your pharmacy’s audit health.

Meet Our Team

PharmPilot is lead by a team of talented and highly experienced professionals, guided by their innovative vision and commitment to serving the pharmacy community

Eugene Sauchik
Eugene SauchikCEO
Eugene is an visionary on a mission to chart new ways for pharmacies to succeed. He has years of experience in data analytics, financial management, compliance and audit preparedness and mitigation
Kristina Giyaur, Esq.
Kristina Giyaur, Esq.Chief Legal Consultant
Kristina is a nationally recognized expert on pharmacy law and compliance. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of pharmacy clients in numerous matters involving pharmacy audits and governance
Christian Schlager
Christian SchlagerChief Sales Officer
Christian’s experience spans decades of leading successful sales teams at global corporations. His industry insight and thorough, methodical approach has allowed PharmPilot to successfully grow and thrive

“Independent pharmacies can now operate at the same level of efficiency as the large players.  By harnessing the power of data, pharmacy owners will discover new opportunities and regain the peace of mind to concentrate on what’s important: caring for patients and growing the business.”


Your Data. Working for You.

We put you in control of your data, help to prepare for PBM audits and mitigate outcomes, and improve operational efficiency

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